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Sharing economy will prevail, and "+ interconnection" will no longer exist

at the 2016 first China Yangzhou interconnection conference, Professor Lv Tingjie, vice president of the China Economic Association and Dean of the school of economics of Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications, said that 2016 was the original year of global economic sharing, and the thinking of commodity exchange economy was broken from this year. Sharing economy will completely brainwash all people in the next eight years

Lu Tingjie said that the concept of future ownership is no longer important. For example, whether a notebook is mine is not important, and how to use it is the most important. Therefore, the hardness test method many electric cars will play with driverless cars. The intelligent system says that when the car is running out of electricity, it drives to a charging place. One person takes out the car and drives away. All cars are shared. So how to build a charging device can be seen with the sharing economy. In the future, cars will be driverless

Lu Tingjie said that some industries will die out in the future, and the damn industry must let it die, not against the trend. People should see clearly the characteristics of network platforms, which are called bilateral markets in economics. One buyer, one seller, and one porcelain sold for a million. The buyer and the seller should pay a commission of 5% of the transaction price. The networking platform is to charge both the buyer and the seller at the same time

the Internet platform gathers customers on the demand side without any cost, and it is easy to build the monopoly scale of the network. A feature of the platform is that the after-sales service of the test piece close to the time of damage is also quite important. There is no money. In the era of information civilization, the biggest foundation for making money is data. Interconnected players need to find outlets to let customers come up free. When customers are happy, they leave all the information to the platform, and the platform will obtain data assets and make money

LV Tingjie believes that today's society does not understand this logic very well, so there are many + interconnection. Suning is + interconnection. It can't be said wrong that + interconnection is also an interconnection mode. Lu Tingjie said that Ma Yun said that the real Internet + thinking is the thinking of the platform, the thinking of altruism, the thinking of making a platform to let others do things, and all + Internet is the thinking of self-interest. The two differences are that Internet + is to subvert traditional industries. Today, on the third-party Alibaba platform, there are fake products on Taobao and tmall, which is a problem in the development, and it is also the reason why all + Internet models still live well. Fake third-party platforms are not what Ma Yun wants to see, but management is a problem. Once this developing problem is solved, the traditional + Internet model will no longer exist

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