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aux/aux hx-pb818 wall breaking machine cooking machine multi-function heating in addition to the national food safety standard for the use of additives for food contact materials and products (gb9685 ⑵ 016) and the national food safety standard general safety requirements for food contact materials and products (GB 4806.1 ⑵ 016) The implementation date of the two standards is October 19, 2017. The full-automatic mixer for outdoor use

7.5-inch screen reservation function aluminum alloy fuselage 14 functions


one month experience:

very easy to use, super easy to use, great love. It's very beautiful and high-grade. It's not comparable with hundreds of pieces. The gifts given are also high-grade. This machine is worth buying to form a large refractory enterprise group. Children don't like fruits. If they beat fruits into fruit juice, children will love to drink it. It's also very convenient to make soymilk. Put beans into the wall breaking machine, and the fragrant soymilk will be ready in a moment. The food made by yourself is clean and saves money. It's good. You deserve it. Very beautiful appearance

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product parameters:

after finishing the production, product name: wall breaking nutritional cooking machine

3C product model: aux-pb956, aux-pb951, aux-pb952, aux-pb953, hx-pb957, h

Product Name: aux/aux hx-pb818

brand: aux/aux

model: hx-pb818

juicing/mixing/cooking machine type: cooking machine

color classification: Rose Gold

applicable person press "query/3" Number: 4-5

function: juicing minced meat, ice dry grinding, mixing, milkshake, mixing and minced meat

appearance/placement: Desktop

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