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Share resources and help Sany and suppliers develop in a win-win way

share resources and help Sany and suppliers develop in a win-win way

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Guide: 2011 is the most critical year for Sany to achieve the 100 billion goal. With the increasing volume of Sany, especially the rising purchase scale, building a stable and high-quality supply chain is increasingly becoming the key for Sany to achieve the 100 billion goal In particular, the rapid growth of domestic production capacity of lithium hexafluorophosphate is a key factor to enhance industrial competitiveness. For following the sharing concept

2011 is the most critical year for Sany to achieve the 100 billion goal. With the increasing volume of Sany, especially the rising purchase scale, building a stable and high-quality supply chain is increasingly becoming a key element for Sany to achieve the 100 billion goal and enhance industrial competitiveness

for Sany, which follows the concept of "sharing", the supply chain that is crucial to the sustainable development of enterprises is not only a production chain and logistics chain, but also a value-added chain that covers suppliers, agents and consumers, and a successful chain that "helps suppliers succeed", "helps agents succeed" and "helps customers succeed". In this issue, we will focus on Sany "helping suppliers succeed"

share resources and help Sany to achieve win-win development with suppliers

since this year, in order to implement the group's concept of "helping suppliers succeed", the business planning headquarters has taken the lead, and sany departments have worked closely together to form a team of technology, quality and management experts to provide "one-to-one" assistance to suppliers and effectively improve rdquo; Improve the overall quality of suppliers. At the same time, Sany also strengthened the cultivation of strategic suppliers. By helping them build factories around the industrial park, providing financial and intellectual support, and helping suppliers develop financing resources, Sany achieved win-win development while suppliers achieved success

a one-on-one help helps suppliers improve product quality

"through an OK team, build an OK manufacturing site and produce OK products", an advanced concept that helps Sany continuously improve its manufacturing level and create the world's highest quality products - "Sany production method" is increasingly transplanted and spread to its upstream - the brain of suppliers

in June 2008, tangxiuguo, President of Sany group, proposed Sany production mode SPS. After years of drastic practice, reform and repeated exploration in the manufacturing system, Sany not only explored a set of effective quality improvement methods in lean manufacturing, but also cultivated a number of quality teams who understand both lean and Practice with the arrival of the low-carbon economy period. This team understands that building first-class products without first-class suppliers is tantamount to building castles in the air. It is urgent to help suppliers improve the quality of parts and components and cultivate their quality awareness

since this year, in order to improve the quality of suppliers' products, especially the refinement level, the business planning headquarters has taken "one-to-one" assistance measures to help 50 outsourcing suppliers with high failure rate. The assistance team set up by the quality assurance department, the technology department and the Ministry of Commerce went deep into the supplier's enterprise workshops all over the country that should use a variety of materials, made on-site improvements, communicated face-to-face with the supplier's quality assurance personnel, and put forward specific rectification plans. In mid August, the assistance team will also check and accept the rectification of each assistance object

"cooperating with Sany, I feel like I'm being led. Sany's product quality is always improving and improving, which requires us to continuously improve the quality of the parts we provide. For a period of time, we felt a lot of pressure. But now Sany's expert team took the initiative to find us and give us advice to improve our quality, which really didn't come to my mind." A supplier from Changzhou said in

at the same time, Sany also set up a "5+5" model expert team to help suppliers pilot. Luo Yan, from the business planning headquarters, said: "5+5 is to send five professional teams integrating technology, quality and management experts to help suppliers through financial support, technical guidance, factory construction around the industrial park and other means to create five high-quality projects. At present, we have completed the acceptance of some projects."

b build industrial clusters to help suppliers build factories around the Industrial Park

Changsha Maike is one of the thousands of suppliers of Sany. Mao zhongyun, the head of the company, said that Sany is the largest and most important customer of his company. His own enterprise has grown from a small company to hundreds of millions because of its long-term supply of wear-resistant sleeves, flange parts and other parts to Sany. He said, "every time we pick up foreign customers from Huanghua Airport, we have to turn a corner and go to the gate of Sany to have a look and tell them the entrepreneurial story of Sany. We are very grateful to Sany."

recently, Mao zhongyun's enterprises have encountered some development bottlenecks and need to find an ideal investment place to build new factories and expand production capacity. When encountering difficulties, Mao zhongyun thought of his partner Sany. "More than a month ago, I came to the Ministry of Commerce of Sany. After expressing the idea of investing and building a factory to break through the bottleneck of the company, the Ministry of Commerce arranged special personnel to help us find the Management Committee of Jinzhou new area in Ningxiang County and the ideal investment place the next day."

Mao zhongyun said frankly that he didn't expect Sany to solve the problem so quickly. Building the factory in Jinzhou new area of Ningxiang not only saved a lot of costs in the transaction with Sany, but also gave priority to getting orders. More importantly, with the help of this great Hexi pilot area, we laid the foundation for the long-term development of the company

in fact, it is a "Sany group supporting industrial park construction cooperation plan" issued by the Management Committee of Jinzhou new area of Ningxiang County that contributed to the landing of Changsha Maike in Jinzhou new area. The cooperation plan reads: "the construction machinery industry is one of the three leading industries that Jinzhou new area focuses on developing and supporting, and will be supported by preferential policies related to industrial support." As a leading enterprise in the construction machinery industry, Sany can naturally enable supporting enterprises such as Changsha Maike to obtain more support while obtaining relevant preferential policies

in fact, among the 8 to 10 supporting enterprises that are about to land in Jinzhou new area, many enterprise heads frankly said: "without the help of Sany, with the current strength of their own enterprises, they can't even get land from the government, let alone talk about land concessions."

hetianiu from the Commerce Department of the business planning headquarters told: "Hunan's construction machinery industry itself has scale advantages. Most of Sany's suppliers are concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta, which are themselves facing bottlenecks such as tight land supply, rising labor and transportation costs. In this way, many suppliers hope to be able to transfer the industry. Sany can take advantage of the location and scale advantages of the industrial park to help suppliers break through the development bottleneck, so as to Achieve win-win results. "

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