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The share price was added by assets, and XCMG machinery opened the valuation boost space

the share price was added by assets, and XCMG machinery opened the valuation boost space

including engineering materials such as PC, pc/abs, ABS, pigments and additives in the shell, thermal conduction engineering materials for heat treatment and thermal dispersion in the optical industry. China Construction Machinery Information

recently, with the continuous sales of major shareholders and executives of XCMG machinery, The company's share price stabilized and rebounded. It is believed that the investment value of XCMG machinery will not only be the confidence support brought by "real money", but also the improvement of the company's fundamentals and the continuous breakthroughs in the field of innovation

previously, in terms of stabilizing the stock price, some directors, some supervisors, all senior managers and core backbones of the company have indirectly invested in the company's shares through the subscription of Shenwan Hongyuan Baoding Zhongying No. 1 collective asset management plan, with a total planned scale of 277million yuan, mainly invested in the shares of XCMG machinery. The plan has completed the establishment of positions, with an average price of 15.2 yuan/share. In terms of the repurchase plan, XCMG machinery plans to implement the repurchase with its own funds of 500million yuan, which is easy to cause twists and turns. The price of the repurchased shares is no more than 20.00 yuan/share. The latest announcement shows that XCMG Co., Ltd., the largest shareholder of the company, increased its holdings in 2085 on July 15, with an average annual growth of more than 18% 80000 shares, accounting for 0.88% of the issued shares of the company, with an average price of 12.56 yuan/share; On July 16, the company increased its holding of 3.5 million shares, accounting for 0.15% of the issued shares of the company, with an average price of 12.56 yuan/share

in fact, according to the previous commitment, XCMG plans to purchase the company's shares at the market price in the near future through directional asset management of securities companies and fund management companies, and promises not to reduce its holdings within six months after the completion of the increase. The expected increase in holdings this time is no less than 300million yuan (including 300million yuan). Judging from the current situation, XCMG has chosen to increase its holdings in the trading system of Shenzhen Stock Exchange by bidding through the "increase of holdings No. 3" directional asset management plan of Soochow securities

XCMG Co., Ltd. explained in terms of the purpose of the increase: "based on the judgment of the company's internal value and confidence in the stable and healthy development of China's capital market." Analysts believe that the fundamental reason for the increase of major shareholders is to see the future growth of XCMG machinery. In terms of performance, in 2014, the market share of the company's leading products continued to increase, continued to break through high-end products, and actively expanded new markets

in the past year, XCMG machinery has achieved a further increase in the market concentration of its leading products, with the market share of mobile cranes leading the world and the domestic market share of wheeled cranes increasing to 53%; The market share of road rollers, fire-fighting equipment, truck mounted cranes, pavers, rotary drilling rigs and Horizontal Directional Drills ranks first in China. Emerging products such as concrete mechanical pump trucks, mixer trucks, aerial work vehicles and other products have the highest market share. In the first half of this year, despite the impact of the market environment, the net profit is expected to decline significantly, but from the performance of a single quarter, in the case of a large loss in the first quarter, there is likely to be a great performance improvement in the second quarter, with a predicted profitability of more than 400million yuan, fully covering the loss in the first quarter

according to the analysis, the sharp fluctuation of the performance in the first two quarters is related to the asset adjustment of the company. For example, XCMG, the controlling shareholder of the company, plans to inject three companies with strong profitability into XCMG machinery, including Xuzhou Hesiman Electronics Co., Ltd., Xuzhou paite Control Technology Co., Ltd., the national experimental machine leader, and Xuzhou Meichi axle Co., Ltd. In addition, XCMG machinery plans to purchase all the equity of XCMG Basic Construction Machinery Co., Ltd; These four companies have strong profitability. At the same time, XCMG transferred 90% of the equity of Brazilian investment to XCMG group, the actual controller of the company. Brazilian investment company is facing the impact of adverse expectations due to great changes in the local economic situation and currency depreciation

in addition to the above adjustments of manufacturing and service departments, XCMG machinery recently purchased all the shares of Xuzhou XCMG Information Technology Service Co., Ltd. held by XCMG group, that is, 60% shares of XCMG information, which aims to improve the company's intelligent manufacturing level and transform and upgrade to service-oriented manufacturing by providing value-added services such as software services and intelligent overall solutions. According to the data, XCMG information had an operating revenue of 21.8165 million yuan and a net profit of 4.6882 million yuan in 2014. In the first half of this year, the operating income was 30.3741 million yuan and the net profit was 2.8458 million yuan; The development momentum is good

industry researchers believe that XCMG information is positioned as an intelligent overall solution provider, focusing on the construction machinery industry, building an integrated management and control platform, and connecting the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain; It is a member of many national standards in the field of integration of industrialization and industrialization; At present, there are nearly 200 on-the-job employees, all of whom have bachelor's degrees or above. This acquisition is beneficial to XCMG machinery. On the one hand, it will improve the level of intelligent manufacturing to improve production efficiency, provide value-added services to downstream customers, enhance stickiness and improve profitability; On the other hand, integrate resources, develop new business forms such as "Internet + manufacturing" and "Internet + service" and cultivate new performance growth points. Stimulated by the dual positive incentives of stock price support and asset added momentum, the investment value of XCMG machinery is expected to be gradually tapped by the market, thus opening up a certain space for valuation rise

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