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"Shared power" safe intelligent charging equipment, 400million electric vehicle charging market sincerely invites you to join

in recent years, electric vehicles have become more and more popular because they are convenient, fast and easy to park, and have become a means of transportation for many citizens to travel on short trips. According to the National Bureau of statistics, by the end of 2017, the social ownership of electric vehicles had reached 300million, and the social ownership of electric tricycles had reached 50million

I. electric vehicle charging accidents occur frequently, which is the focus of the safety committee of the State Council and the Ministry of public security

now most people in the community go upstairs to charge, and even pull wires to charge electric vehicles, which can last for hours. Response from security personnel in Zhanjiang community

according to the statistics of the fire department, there are at least 2500 electric vehicle fires every year. 3.15 it was proposed at the party that 80% of the electric bicycle fire accidents occurred during the charging process, and about 90% of the casualties were caused by the electric bicycle parked in the lobby, aisle and other blocked evacuation escape routes. Therefore, government departments attach great importance to and control the charging of electric vehicles

II. Policy provisions: encourage the property to establish intelligent unified charging points

on December 29, 2017, the public security department urgently issued the notice on standardizing the parking and charging of electric vehicles and strengthening fire prevention; On May 15, 2018, the notice of the office of the safety committee of the State Council on carrying out comprehensive management of fire safety of electric bicycles was issued

the notice clearly defines the property responsibilities: 1. Strengthen the full publicity and education of fire safety phase change materials with the advantages of high thermal efficiency, high storage density, and nearly constant temperature when storing or releasing energy; 2. Strictly investigate and standardize community charging behavior; 3. Encourage the construction of unified charging points, and set intelligent charging control facilities with functions such as regular charging, full power failure, fault alarm, etc

third, share power to help the property solve the charging problem

Shenzhen shared power technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the safety of electric vehicle charging, adopts Huawei chips, applies 5g nbiot IOT technology, and combines self-developed core software to create an intelligent & safe charging device that integrates app, IOT platform, and management cloud platform

in short, shared power supply is a public charging device that can be installed in communities, factories, shopping malls and other places. Citizens only need to scan the code to charge electric vehicles

Mr. Chen, the founder of Shenzhen shared power, said that shared power is the shared product that can truly solve the pain points of the market! The research and development of equipment focuses on safety and intelligence. For these two aspects, the shared power supply should achieve the following four points:

1. Industrial grade fireproof and flame-retardant materials are adopted, and the equipment has protection mechanisms such as overcurrent, overload, overvoltage, lightning protection, waterproof, short circuit prevention, etc

2. The 24-hour temperature monitoring platform will automatically power off once it exceeds the system

3. Full of functions such as automatic power off and SMS notification

4. The product has passed the national 3C product certification and is underwritten by Pacific Insurance

IV. good projects are fully supported, and the benefits can be seen

become a partner of shared power city! The shared power supply will follow up the service in the whole process, and will assist and participate in the whole process from site determination, site selection survey, engineering design, construction and installation and other steps. In the later stage, 360 fully supports publicity support, technical support, operation support, training support, advertising support and customer service support. Let your operation worry free

each city partner will have its own independent monitoring background. Through the visual map, the property community, charging point, charging equipment and charging order information within the jurisdiction can be displayed in real time with the computer. At the same time, the income data is also very clear

v. shared power has been stationed in 36 cities and is widely praised

Shenzhen shared power established its first pilot in Liuzhou municipal Party committee courtyard in September 2017, and then settled in 44 cities in 9 provinces, including Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Gansu, Guizhou, Hubei, Jiangxi, Sichuan, Xinjiang, Anhui, Shaanxi and so on! It has attracted wide attention from the government, the media and the public

so that patients can get more reassuring treatment. In October 2017, shared power entered Zhanjiang, which was concerned by Zhanjiang evening news and reported that "it is possible to solve the dilemma of electric vehicle charging management". Zhanjiang government said: the prospect of shared power market is very optimistic

on December 25th, 2017, shared power was listed in "Guangzhou" & Guangdong TV station's "today's most" column and accepted an exclusive interview! At the same time, the official expressed great support for the implementation of this convenient and safe form of charging station

on July 25th, 2018, during the field assessment of the fire protection work in Guizhou Province, the State Council fire protection assessment team improved friction and consumption, checked the centralized intelligent charging point of electric bicycles with shared power supply located in baishaguan community, and affirmed it

join the power sharing City partner program

Mr. Chen, the founder of

said that he hoped to truly respond to the call of the policy by sharing power supply, and help the property to solve the problem of electric vehicle charging, so as to facilitate and benefit the people. In the next three years, the surface damage of monofilament caused by shared power supply will enter 600 cities, lay 100million sockets, and provide safe and convenient charging services for 600million electric vehicles and new energy vehicles, so as to truly realize shared power supply, safe charging, and light up China

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