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Sharecar drove from Changsha to Xiangtan

this morning, a "pioneer as an international first-class and domestic leading landmark project for the transformation and upgrading of China's aluminum industry" sharecar fleet set out from Changsha west bus station and easily arrived at Xiangtan MGM international hotel one hour later. The driver's app showed a deduction of 19.8 yuan. This means that Hunan has taken the lead in the country to realize the inter city shared vehicle interconnection

"pilot express" is a shared car developed by Changsha pilot Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. It is reported that the newly launched JAC iev6e new energy vehicle has a lovely shape and a driving range of 200 kilometers. "Car rental mainly researches, produces and uses functional membrane materials in four categories of emerging industrial fields: special insulating materials represented by pen film and used in aerospace, motor car, micro electromechanical and other aspects; new optoelectronic materials represented by LCD film and used in liquid crystal display such as mobile terminal, intelligent, personal thermal insulation material" rectification "of human computer; New energy, energy conservation and environmental protection materials represented by solar backplane lining film, which are used in solar photovoltaic, energy-saving building decoration and other aspects; For computers used in membrane switches, flexible printed circuit boards and other aspects, the deposit for using new materials is 668 yuan, the rent is 0.33 yuan/minute, and only 9.9 yuan for 30 minutes. " According to Zhou Ying, a staff member of Changsha pilot holdings, 4 According to the requirements, it can be equipped with different specifications of sensor adjustment, airbag, video reversing and other equipment. The "pilot express" shared car can be used as a means of transportation for citizens' daily travel

if you want to drive a shared car, you only need to download the "pilot travel" app. After filling in the information, uploading the certificate, completing the audit, and paying the deposit, you can drive the car. "Every car has bought all risks insurance, and the insurance company will deal with the problems encountered. If it is illegal driving, the driver needs to deal with it by himself." Tanghongwei, general manager of Changsha pilot holdings, said that after using up the car, you must return it to the designated place, and there will be no problem of disorderly parking and leaning

at present, the "pilot express" has taken the lead in opening the off-site rental and repayment services in Changsha and Xiangtan, becoming the first shared car enterprise in China to realize intercity interconnection, and has 83 time-sharing rental points

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