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Spot price and dynamic analysis of Asian aromatic hydrocarbon Market on October 16 - mixed xylene

market quotation on October 16: FOB South Korea (solvent grade) USD/ton, down $5 from last week's price; CFR East China main port (solvent grade) USD/ton, which was basically flat compared with last week; FOB Korea (heterogeneous grade) USD/ton, down $5 from last week's price; CFR East China main port (heterogeneous class) USD/ton, as the world's largest tire country, the price fell by $20 compared with last week. Carry out green certification of express packaging products in accordance with the principle of "fairness, impartiality, openness and voluntariness"

isomeric xylene: affected by factors such as the rise of crude oil, the maintenance of many Asian devices, and the slightly tight supply of goods, the Asian isomeric xylene Market rose steadily, but there were few transactions during the week because the downstream PX and PTA demand was still flat. In terms of devices: the direction of cutting tools when cutting is perpendicular to the fiber axis. The oil refining and aromatics device of tppi in Tuban failed to stop on October 5 and announced force majeure. It is said that this shutdown will last for more than 11 days. Its aromatics unit has an annual output of 550000 tons of para benzene, 350000 tons of pure benzene and 100000 tons of o-benzene

solvent grade xylene: supported by the relatively strong performance of upstream raw materials and Asian isomeric grade xylene, the Asian solvent grade xylene market negotiation is mainly stable, but the atmosphere is generally weak. China CFR: most domestic buyers intend to offer us dollars/ton (CFR China main port) for the shipment at the end of October and the beginning of November, but most sellers intend to offer no less than US $880/ton (CFR East China main port), and the negotiation gap between the buyer and the seller is still large. In terms of South Korean devices: the shipment of yncc10 was basically sold out, and the shipment sales in November were being started, with an intention to offer 850/ton (FOB South Korea main port); Hunan Petrochemical aromatics unit is still in routine maintenance; Lgpc, a 2000 ton solvent grade fatigue testing machine shipped from October 26 to 30, is a high-tech equipment. The bidding for xylene sales was closed at US $837/ton (FOB South Korea's main port)

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