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Equipment routine inspection and routine inspection system 6

routine inspection roadmap

daily routine inspection of post operators and each full-time routine inspector have their own routine inspection roadmap. Spot inspection personnel root 1. It is suitable for making heat-resistant parts, insulating parts, wear-resistant parts, instrument parts and medical device parts. According to the scope of the object equipment undertaken by itself, prepare the shortest spot inspection route map routine check business process

routine check business process refers to the procedure for routine check and repair business. It replaces the business relationship between the top and bottom and the horizontal, completely changes the traditional management - administrative management and command mode, and is managed according to the scientific procedure PDCA cycle. 5. Aromatic ketone polymers: including peek, peek, peek

P: Plan - prepare the operation table and schedule according to the standard

d: Implementation - check the status of the set point, record the results, and the size of the investment range, which can detect and adjust the abnormal signs

c: check the implementation of the schedule, information transmission, discussion, sorting and analysis

a: feedback - check the plan and standard to put forward suggestions for revision and modification, so as to improve the level and work efficiency. The continuous circulation of these four links is called PDCA cycle

1.3.2 routine check plan model

classification of routine check plan:

routine check job card

regular routine inspection schedule

long term routine inspection schedule

the routine check job card is the schedule for the operation personnel to carry out daily routine check. The job card is formulated by the spot inspector and divided into daily spot inspection job card and weekly spot inspection job card

the regular routine inspection schedule is the work that must be completed in the next month, and it is the summary of the monthly plan. Determine the spot check date according to the device of the host

long term spot check plan the packaging bag with pacxpert technology also has a large shelf display space plan, also known as the periodic management table, which is formulated according to the disassembly spot check, circular maintenance spot check and cross precision spot check for many years

1.3.3 performance management analysis

performance management of routine inspection tasks is an important part of mastering equipment operation information, analyzing and summarizing business, discussing improvement countermeasures, revising standards and budget plans, and implementing PDAC cycle in equipment management business. It is also a feedback part of management standardization. It includes performance content inspection and performance analysis there are eight levels of management of maintenance records:

daily routine inspection records, which are filled in by post operators

grease filling record shall be filled by the equipment user

regular inspection records and records of equipment deterioration shall be filled in by the spot inspector, including spot inspection, disassembly spot inspection and precision spot inspection within the legal specifications. Generally, it is carried out in the annual repair and periodic repair plan. The data records measured in the repair are the records of regular inspection

maintenance report, which is the record of equipment maintenance and all maintenance activity records filled by the point inspection operator of the maintenance department

improve the maintenance records, and the maintenance records of the improvement items

mtbf analysis record table, record various maintenance operations of the equipment on the MTBF (average time between two failures of the equipment) analysis record table, which can make the on-site personnel clearly see the failure frequency of each equipment and each part

equipment account, which is the lifetime record of the equipment. After purchasing the equipment, record and save the contents of all accidents and repairs

maintenance cost record - including labor cost, material cost and outsourcing cooperation cost performance analysis

performance analysis is divided into two levels:

analysis of the routine inspection group

the routine inspection team leader holds a meeting once a week to analyze the performance for one week, and the routine inspectors in the routine inspection area attend the meeting. The analysis contents include: fault conditions, causes and countermeasures; Maintenance, efficiency, man hour utilization, PM (self-management) activities of the team

analysis by the chief operator

the chief operator of the spot inspection shall hold a performance analysis meeting once a month, and the group leaders of each spot inspection and corresponding technicians shall attend the meeting. In addition to the above, the meeting also includes the maintenance cost analysis of the operation area. Prepare monthly performance data and report to the maintenance department

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