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Consumer electronics Chuangjia customer service call center spot check

TV industry customer service call center service response test report

Chuangjia customer service call center spot check

consumer electronics: I want to know about the warranty of Chuangjia TV, what are the main components, and how to warranty

operator: LCD TV is the main component, with a warranty of 3 years

consumer electronics: aren't logic components and high-frequency tuners the main components

operator: those are all on one motherboard

consumer electronics: is this motherboard a major component

operator: No, we have a three-year warranty for LCD screens and a one-year warranty for others. (other sounds, noisy environment)

consumer electronics: didn't the country implement the new three guarantees standard for flat-panel TVs in March last year

operator: (paused for more than 5 seconds) we haven't received the notice

consumer electronics: now your warranty is that the power board and motherboard are not main components, and the tuner is integrated in the motherboard, which is not in the scope of main components

operator: LCD TV has only one display screen, which is the main component. The tuner is in the motherboard, which is different from CRT TV

consumer electronics: how is the charge after the TV is insured constituted

operator: there is no charge during the warranty period. After the warranty period, we can send a master to repair, but all fees are charged according to the local standard

consumer electronics: how is the local charging standard defined

operator: during the warranty period, according to the unified standard of our company, after the warranty period, according to the local standard, the standard of each place is different

consumer electronics: what are the costs involved

clerk: This is not clear. The standards are different in every place. For example, door-to-door fees are required in some places and not in some places

consumer electronics: what about the maintenance fee

operator: charge according to the local standard according to the accessories replaced by the master

consumer electronics: is the charge of Chuangjia different in each region

operator: We Chuangjia will follow the unified standard during the warranty period. If the warranty period expires, our master can go (door-to-door), but charge according to the local standard

consumer electronics: what are the local charging standards

operator: We Chuangjia have no right to interfere, because every place is different

consumer electronics: isn't the after-sales service point Chuangjia

operator: it's Chuangjia. After the insurance, our company doesn't pay maintenance fees, which are collected by the local master himself


after the conversation, the operator hung up directly. There was no conclusion and no satisfaction score. From the two spot checks (the third spot check at 18:47 is a non working time period, there is no manual work. Due to the particularity of the fixture of the experimental machine and the continuous emergence of new materials, the design of the fixture has always been in a passive situation, and we will encounter new materials to answer every day), the environment of Chuangjia's call center is relatively noisy, and the operator will be disturbed by other noises when communicating with the caller. In terms of reception etiquette, the operator's attitude is quite positive, and it can also guide callers to communicate, but the shortcomings are also obvious: the voice and intonation are not friendly enough, and they do not take the initiative to address callers politely. This reflects from the side that the operator of Chuangjia has not received systematic and standardized training, and does not understand the three guarantee regulations for flat-panel TVs, and does not know the national definition of important components for LCD TV owners, which has greatly reduced the production cost of plastic products enterprises, which will not only directly cause users' complaints and complaints, but also affect the image of the enterprise

we will see enterprises that can compete with foreign instrument companies. At the same time, from the conversation, we learned that Chuangjia has no right to interfere with the after-sales service outside the warranty, but directly hand it over to the local outsourcing service points for on-site maintenance and charging. In this way, after-sales service is prone to maintenance chaos. Not only is there no guiding standard for charging, which is completely determined by the local location, but also the quality of maintenance is difficult to be effectively guaranteed. In the construction of after-sales service points, it is not a bad thing for enterprises to adopt service outsourcing. In the short term, enterprises do not need to build a large-scale after-sales maintenance team, which can greatly save expenses and complete the layout of the national market in a short time; In the long run, if there is no effective supervision of service points, it will directly affect the brand strategy of enterprises to become bigger and stronger

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