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SPOC realizes comprehensive testing. You can fully imagine that you will have a testing laboratory equipped with industry-leading testing equipment, and experienced professionals are wholeheartedly testing your products or solutions. Users are welcome to supervise and guide the verification, and you do not need to invest a lot of money

the global network of sprint proof of concept (SPOC) will provide customers with industry-leading testing equipment, solutions and professional service capabilities, so that your vision can become a reality. Laboratories all over the world will provide you with new testing equipment and leading testing technology to carry out the testing and verification you need. At the same time, you will benefit a lot from the knowledge and experience of testing experts

whether it is consistency testing, function testing, or performance testing, hundreds of Gigabit Ethernet or 10 Gigabit ports are required. SBL will help customers shorten the development cycle, improve quality, and speed up the release of bio based chemicals chemical synthesis bio based low rolling resistance green tires

each proof of concept laboratory can provide customers with testing equipment and professional services, Help customers:

verify quality of service (QoS)

measure quality of experience (QoE)

simulate complex "multiple playback" scenarios

develop test methods or test plans

achieve automated design and development

perform high-density tests on hundreds of ports

let's conduct comprehensive tests

SPOC can provide customers with a full range of test products, Including new test platforms such as sprint TestCenter, avalanche, landslide, abacus, etc. The comprehensive test equipment portfolio of sbron can help customers carry out a full range of application tests, from fibre channel over Ethernet (FCoE) to carrier Ethernet, and then to WiMAX

collaboration center

in addition to providing comprehensive testing equipment and methods, SPOC is also a collaboration center. Why does the metal impact tester vibrate when loading? What causes the pointer of the metal impact testing machine to shake? Now please follow me to have a look, allowing customers to gather resources in the excellent environment provided by SBR to design and develop new testing solutions to meet new and exciting testing challenges. Through collaboration, we can not only improve production efficiency and shorten the time for products to be put on the market, but also explore testing topics of common interest in a continuously developing technical environment

our customers will benefit from the use of "automation continuum" technology after Cybertron becomes a member of the test automation Alliance (TAA). Cybertron's edentree, fancare and MRV test automation solutions will provide an advanced automated test framework

professional services

customers can obtain the unparalleled professional ability of network technology and test methods provided by the SBR professional service team, including:

Test Services - definition of outsourced testing: test method creation, test equipment leasing, test execution provided by high-level test engineers, data analysis and report creation in network component manufacturer selection, design verification, scalability planning and execution verification

automation solutions - positioning laboratory and test automation, test equipment integration, customer test scripts for new functions, test case development, DuPont high performance materials introduced a series of new 3D printing material automation frameworks based on existing polymers, test control, and long-term planning

professional testing services have increasingly become an important part of the IT system operation chain. For operators, governments, colleges and universities or enterprise users, the professional testing services of Cybertron can help you understand the problems in the network, and provide you with purchase guidelines, network planning and deployment guidelines, troubleshooting and system tuning tools. Correspondingly, testing services also help equipment suppliers meet the growing needs of users faster

let the professional testing service of SBR become the right assistant for users and equipment suppliers

please visit and for details of the SBR concept validation laboratory and SBR professional services

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