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Pre spinning technology and equipment of rotor spinning

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rotor spinning can be directly spun into yarn from sliver, and sliver making is the pre spinning preparation project of rotor spinning

in terms of the technological principle of sliver making and the actual engineering process, there is no difference in principle between rotor spinning and ring spinning. However, the rotor spinning machine is very different from the ring spinning machine in terms of spinning technology, mechanism and their relationship to yarn quality, so the demand for front sliver of rotor spinning is also different from that of ring spinning

practice has proved that proper pre spinning process and configuration can give better play to the advantages of rotor spinning, including: making full use of various raw materials (including leftovers) to reduce the cost of raw materials; Improve production efficiency (reduce the breakage rate and reduce the number of cup cleaning); Reduce the labor intensity of the engine driver of the electromechanical control mechanical components of the lab machine; Improve yarn quality (such as evenness, knot count, strength); Reduce production costs (such as power consumption, machine parts consumption, etc.). So as to obtain good economic benefits

1 Characteristics of rotor spinning pre spinning engineering

in terms of process technology, it has the following characteristics

(1) generally, genuine pure cotton yarn is usually spun with carding process for medium and coarse yarn (more than 28 Tex), without combed strips

(2) various natural fibers can be pure spun or blended with chemical fibers to produce blended cooked strips

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(3) the fiber length of the raw material used is shorter than that of ring spinning, and the grade is low. A large amount of noil can be mixed (the meaning of friction coefficient is noil, short wool, Silk Spinning Noil). However, it is required to remove impurities and dust as much as possible

it should be emphasized that the impurity content and micro dust content of green sliver are closely related to the production stability of rotor spinning and yarn quality. According to practical experience, the general requirements are as follows:

① high quality yarn: the impurity content of green sliver is o.07%-o.08%

genuine yarn: sliver impurity content special spinning is an indispensable testing equipment for physical property experiment, teaching research, quality control and so on: sliver impurity content is 0.5%

② short staple rate (below 16mm) among high-quality yarn and genuine yarn varieties, short staple rate of cotton roll

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