Spot price and dynamic analysis of Asian aromatic

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Spot price and dynamic analysis of Asian aromatic hydrocarbon Market on November 13 - mixed xylene

market quotation on November 13: FOB South Korea (solvent grade) USD/ton, up $25 from last week's price; CFR East China main port (solvent grade) USD/ton, up $45 from last week; FOB Korea (heterogeneous grade) USD/ton, up $35 from last week

isomeric xylene: the Asian isomeric xylene market continues to rise, supported by the surge in crude oil volatility and fuelled by sk-e, a major player in the Asian market. Several orders of cargoes at the end of November and December were traded in USD/ton (Fob main port of South Korea). Downstream PX Market: Although ExxonMobil signed PX contracts with some downstream companies in Asia in November, the settlement price was $1080/ton (CFR Asia). However, the negotiations between other buyers and sellers are still at an impasse. Most sellers still insist on offering us $1100/possible opportunity tons for biting wires (CFR Asia), which is far from the intended offer of buyers. It is reported that some Japanese sellers have terminated the negotiations. China's improved after-sales service means the service life and satisfaction of products in the export market: as crude oil and outer disks continue to rise sharply, it is reported that 5000 tons of Indian non-standard isomeric xylene shipped in November and 4000 tons of North African non-standard isomeric xylene shipped at the end of November mentioned last week are not expected to enter the Chinese market, so the next experiment will be carried out under a lower load

solvent grade xylene: supported by the high-level operation of crude oil and the rising trend of Asian isomeric grade xylene market, the rise of Asian solvent grade xylene can be detected by tensile test compared with the previous period, and the negotiation is also more active. In terms of CFR in China, the domestic trade market in China has risen significantly, and the negotiation atmosphere in the import market has rebounded significantly. The transaction price of several orders in November and early December continues to rise

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